​ChoirPrompt Signs Lorenz & Hope

​ChoirPrompt Signs Lorenz & Hope

A Limited Liability Company

May 19, 2016

For the past year and some months, ChoirPrompt has been - and continues to be - in conversation with multiple publishers, actively seeking contractual agreements that will allow CP to make available the musical works of these publishers in the ChoirPrompt format. At long last, there has been significant progress made!

While several publishers are still in the contractual review process, CP is pleased to announce that there are now contracts with four publisher groups: LORENZ, HOPE, ECS PUBLISHING and MORNINGSTAR.  Just today (5/19/2016) saw the contract with HOPE finalized, and it was this past week (5/13/16) that things were finalized with the LORENZ Publishing Group! This means that CP can now make available to you, upon request, any choral work published by these publishers, including the extensive catalogs of Lloyd Larson, Joel Raney and Pepper Choplin with Hope Publishing; standards such as Randall Thompson's "ALLELUIA" and Ralph Vaughn Williams' "O CLAP YOUR HANDS" in the ECS catalog; David Schwoebel's "THE SERVANT SONG" and David Mennicke's "DOWN TO THE RIVER TO PRAY" in the MorningStar catalog; and the voluminous library of Mary McDonald in the Lorenz catalog.  To place an order for these and other titles by ECS, MorningStar, Hope & Lorenz, simply send via the Order Form. A response email will arrive in your inbox within 24 hours, usually sooner.

The remaining publishers that CP is in conversation with show signs of being open to exploring the idea of a relationship. CP plans to continue seeking relationships with all of these publishers going forward.

Publishers take seriously their role in providing you, the church and school musicians, quality music and service. Before they can feel good about co-oping with CP, they must first be convinced that CP shares that same passion for quality and service. CP hopes that the days ahead will confirm that it does.