Target Audience

If your group is a vocal music group (choir or ensemble), then ChoirPrompt is for you! It matters not if you're a church choir, a school choir, a college choir, a community choir or a professional choir . . . ChoirPrompt works just as effectively in all cases.

In our own situation, we use ChoirPrompt with our main worship choir (the Sanctuary Choir), as well as with our senior adult choir (the Singing Seniors). We use it each week for regular worship times, but we also use it effectively for major programs.

We've even taken it on the road with our Singing Seniors! It's great to be able to lead this age group to "sing from memory" even in this stage of their lives! Our travel set-up is downscaled to a 42" display, but still in a nice wood cabinet that's easy to transport, and we always drive it with a laptop when on the road.

Once again, the following groups can easily take advantage of ChoirPrompt . . .

  • Church choirs and ensembles (of any size)
  • School choirs and ensembles
  • College and University choirs and ensembles
  • Community choirs and choruses
  • Professional choirs and ensembles

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