Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does ChoirPrompt provide?
ChoirPrompt provides a simple service, not a product. That simple service is the "sweat equity" involved in reformatting the requested choral piece from the octavo size of the hard copy to a wide screen layout suitable for confidence monitor presentation. The purchaser assumes total responsibility for abiding by the CP policies stated below, as well as complying with CP's prerequisite of being in possession of the hard copies of all copyrighted material, and in a quantity equal to the number of singers in their choir.

What determines the cost of an anthem being converted to the CP format?
The length and complexity of an anthem, for the most part, determine the cost of the CP file for that anthem. There are three price categories, each with a cost-range assigned to it. Typically, category 1 anthems take approximately 4 hours to set, category 2 anthems take about 6 hours, and category 3 anthems 8 hours. Note that the cost will increase (beyond the 3 categories) commensurate to time spent on the conversion of extended and/or very complex anthems, which can take upward to 12 hours.

Is ChoirPrompt available today?
Yes. For songs already in the CP Catalog, delivery is normally within 3 days. For songs not yet in the CP Catalog, the more lead time you can give, the better; on the norm, though, you can expect a delivery time for single titles of about two weeks.  Obviously, delivery time for complete works/musicals, as well as multiple single titles, would be considerably longer. To place an order, go to the Order Form page, or email directly. 

Do you have to own the hard copies of an anthem to order a CP file of it?
A resounding YES! Additionally, you must own hard copies in the same quantity as you have members in your choir. There is a section on our order form for you to verify this information. Our goal at CP is not to take anything away from the publishers, for indeed...they are the life blood for our choirs. CP reformats the music that you already have purchased, making it possible to get beyond the printed page for performance. Truth is, the best way to learn an anthem is still with the hard copy in hand; ChoirPrompt simply gives you a wonderful performance aid to help your singers get their "heads up, eyes forward, and voices out," while all along singing with the same confidence as when holding folders.

What about original songs, or songs in the Public Domain?

In these two cases, there is no requirement for you to own hard copies for them to be converted into the CP format.

May a CP file you purchase be shared with your singers, or with fellow music directors?
Unfortunately, no. Further, you may not share the CP file in any fashion, with anybody. Doing so would make you ineligible for future CP purchases until such time as restitution is made.

Can a ChoirPrompt file be imported into other presentation software?

Yes, it can. I have personally imported it into ProPresenter and Keynote, but I feel certain other presentation software will accommodate this import capability, as well. Remember, the CP file is simply a collection of jpegs.

Are ChoirPrompt files editable?
Yes...and no. Since the CP file is actually a collection of jpegs, the actual notes, rhythms and lyrics cannot be altered. However, you do have the capability of inserting personal directions by creating text overlays in MS PowerPoint (or whatever presentation software you use). Examples of this would be breath marks, carries, etc. 

Who is the best person to advance the CP slides manually?

Certainly, anyone can do this all-important duty...working the "clicker" (presenter's mouse) or desktop/laptop to advance the slides in a timely fashion. Having said that, though, we opt to let one of the actual singers do this duty. Who more feels the burden to advance the slide at just the right moment (not too early, not too late) than one of the singers?

Can the advancement of the CP slides be automated, say with an accompaniment track?

Yes they can. You can program this feature within MS PowerPoint, as well as other presentation software. Or, for an additional fee, CP can encode your file with these automated advancement features; you, the buyer, would need to provide for us the accompaniment track to sync with your CP file.

Isn't it risky to depend on that much technology when doing serious choral music?
Indeed, anytime electricity is involved, something can go wrong. That's why the UPS is not to be considered a luxury in your ChoirPrompt set-up. In the several years we've had ChoirPrompt up and running with our choirs, we've not had an occasion that brought things to a screeching halt! Due diligence, though, is the order of the day.

So, I can get my digital choral music from CP, but I want to do the congregational hymns and choruses the same way . . . with notes on the screen, not just lyrics. Where do I get those?
Our primary digital source for congregational songs is a site called It's headed up by Caryn Boelema, a delightful church musician in Michigan. She currently has over 11,000 songs in digital format! Check out her site, or you can reach her at

Price List and F.A.Q.

1) Short/Simple Anthem: $35-$45
2) Medium Length/Complexity: $45-$55
3) Long/Complex Anthem: $55-$65

4) Full Musicals/Works: Based on Scale Above per Song

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