About ChoirPrompt

The idea of ChoirPrompt was born out of the desire to have our choir sing from memory every time they stood to lead in worship. Considering the amount of literature we go through, though, that was not feasible. We had tried prompting them with lyrics only, but found they needed the notes, too, especially on the more complex anthems.

To meet the need for both lyrics and notes - achieving that perception of singing from memory - a commitment was made in April of 2013 to reformat every choral piece we sing to a widescreen layout, viewable from all points in the choir loft. It was an exciting time as we did this "new thing," eventually even removing their performance folders from their music slots, leaving only their rehearsal packets. It's been since then - April of 2013 - that we've had a choir folder in our hands!

Now with heads up and voices out, the choir's sound was immediately bigger, and their attention to detail was greatly increased! And since we located our display directly beneath the conductor's stand, the choir's responsiveness to the director was naturally heightened.

After living with the ChoirPrompt approach for a while, and being convinced of all of its benefits, it became a natural progression to seek to make it available to others. And so in 2014 steps were begun to pave the way for going public with ChoirPrompt.

We invite you to experience the joy and freedom of going "folderless," yet still have the confidence of seeing both lyrics and notes ​on your choir display. If you become a user of ChoirPrompt, know that you're on the front end of something new, and I believe something that will greatly benefit you, your choir and your times of worship. In my mind, it's only a matter of time before all choirs will take advantage of a system like ChoirPrompt.

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