​It's with great excitement that ChoirPrompt makes available this master work among master works...Handel's MESSIAH! Even for choirs that customarily do their major programs from memory, when it comes to singing the grand choruses from the MESSIAH - most of which are heavily polyphonic - they need to use the printed scores.

Now that MESSIAH is available in ChoirPrompt, that's no longer the case. Now you can sing with heads up and voices out, all the time seeing and reading your vocal parts clearly on the ChoirPrompt display. Also, since this master work is in the public domain, it is not a requirement for the church or school to own the hard copies.

Note that only the choruses are available in CP. The thought is that your soloists will either memorize their solos, or opt to use their score...up close and personal. β€‹

Know that each chorus stands alone and constitutes one CP file, with one exception: Worthy Is the Lamb and the Amen Chorus. Since the practices of seguing from the Hallelujah Chorus directly to the Amen Chorus, as well as the practice of seguing from the first half of Worthy Is the Lamb directly to the Hallelujah Chorus (omitting the Amen Chorus entirely), are common, for the purposes of ChoirPrompt the first half of Worthy Is the Lamb, and its closing Amen Chorus, are treated as two separate choruses. Each will have its own CP file.

Here are sample pages from one of the choruses (Glory to God). Please note that the exclusionary statement at the bottom of the title slide will designate your church or school as the sole owner in the CP file you'll be sent.​

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Handel's MESSIAH Now Available in ChoirPrompt!