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Bob Morrison has had both the blessing and privilege of leading music ministries in the local church since 1967, when he started serving his first church at the youthful age of 17. Since that time he has been minister of music in six different churches located in three states (Alabama, Texas and Florida).

A music graduate of Jacksonville State University in Alabama, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Texas, he is now in his 32nd year of service at his current church, the First Baptist Church in Pensacola, Florida.

His main priorities as a music minister have been 1) to lead music groups to use their talents to honor and worship God, prompting their listeners to do the same, and 2) to give that process their very best efforts, striving for excellence in their musical offerings.

That two-part goal is actually what led Bob to create ChoirPrompt, allowing his choirs, in essence, to "sing from memory" each and every Sunday, as well as in major programs. The driving motivation for making ChoirPrompt available to others was to afford other directors and their choirs the same benefits of the added focus and expressiveness that is inherent to the ChoirPrompt system.

Having used ChoirPrompt now in his own church since 2013, it's no longer speculation regarding the difference it makes in your choir's presentation. CP is now a known quantity, and has been proven time and time again to be the catalyst in taking your choir - any choir -  to the next level.

You're encouraged to experience this difference called ChoirPrompt.