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It's a Good Day to Be in Choir !

We're in a new day for choirs! Due to modern technology, it's now possible to have all the benefits of memorization without actually memorizing, and to sing with the same confidence that comes with using choir folders, yet not be tethered to them.

Welcome to ChoirPrompt. With it, your singers will enjoy these benefits . . .

  • Be able to have not just lyrics, but notes also, on the confidence monitor
  • Perform with increased volume due to "heads up & voices out"
  • Sing with the same confidence as when holding music
  • Give greater attention to both director and audience
  • Go "folderless" each and every time you sing
  • Become better music readers
  • Take advantage of an "electronic board" to create teaching moments

You're invited to browse through the pages

on this site, and see for yourself how

ChoirPrompt can usher you and your choir

into this exciting new day!