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Photo and Video Gallery

Here you'll see examples of the actual anthem ChoirPrompt slides formatted to a 16X9 widescreen display or projector. Note that the measure count per screen varies according to text requirements; also, the standard practice is to favor the top side of the screen so as to optimize viewability by the singers. Open score anthems, of necessity, consume the full vertical space of the display. The choral parts are all that's displayed, except during introductions and bridges, when the accompaniment is displayed.

You'll also be able to see a video of "Amazing Grace," arranged by Jack Schrader (HOPE PUBLISHING GC-1006). This is an exciting New Orleans style arrangement of this grand old hymn, and it will quickly become a favorite of your choir, orchestra and congregation!

You'll also see pictures of the complete physical ChoirPrompt installations at our church, in three scenarios: the sanctuary, our rehearsal room, and the smaller travel system. Certainly, how you install your equipment, involving things like placement of displays, is a completely subjective decision. A school's show choir, or a church's praise team, will probably not be given to placing their displays in a director-centric location; in that  case, locations such as the face of balconies, or flying the display, or projecting the image on the worship center's back wall, make excellent options. I look forward to sharing pictures of other installs with you as we can.