What determines the cost per anthem?
Since anthems come in various lengths and complexities, and since publishers require differing percentages for royalty payments, there is not a "one size fits all" answer when it comes to the cost of ChoirPrompt files. Other variables which will affect the cost of a CP file include whether or not your requested title is already in CP's catalog, and whether a requested title could be considered a "mainstream" arrangement. In those two instances, a cost will be set on a case by case basis.

Generally speaking, though, for anthems already in CP's catalog of completed projects, there are three price categories, each with a cost-range assigned to it; note the Price List above. Keep in mind that the royalty percentage required by the various publishers account for the price variance within each category. Typically, category 1 anthems take approximately 4 hours to set, category 2 anthems take about 8 hours, and category 3 anthems can easily take up to 12 hours.

Is ChoirPrompt available today?
Thankfully, for several publishers, it is available today! And it is believed that this list of available publishers will be a growing list going forward. CP continues to be in conversation with other publishers working out the details of an eventual partnership. To place an order, go the the Order Form page. 

Will I still have to purchase the hard copies of an anthem?
Yes. Our goal at CP is not to take away anything from what the publishers offer, but to add to it. The truth is, while ChoirPrompt is a great tool for performance, the best way to learn an anthem is with the hard copy in hand; with it the singer gets to see the "big picture," whereas with ChoirPrompt they only see "snapshots" of a piece. Simply said, ChoirPrompt works best with an already well-rehearsed piece.

Isn't it risky to depend on that much technology when doing serious choral music?
The short answer is yes . . . and no. Certainly anytime electricity is involved, something can go wrong. That's why the UPS is not to be considered a luxury in your ChoirPrompt set-up. In the several years we've had ChoirPrompt up and running with our choirs, we've not had an occasion that brought things to a screeching halt! Due diligence, though, is the order of the day.

I can get my digital choral music from CP, but I want to do the congregational hymns and choruses the same way . . . with notes on the screen, not just lyrics. Where do I get those?
Our primary digital source for congregational songs is a site called www.digitalsongsandhymns.com. It's headed up by Caryn Boelema, a delightful church musician in Michigan. She currently has over 9,000 songs in digital format! Check out her site, or you can reach her at caryn@digitalsongsandhymns.com.

May I share the CP file I purchase with my singers, or my director friends for their choirs?
Unfortunately, no. Not only would CP not want you to do that, the publishers will surely not want you to do that; it would be both illegal and dishonest. CP's relationship with publishers dictates that you not share the CP file in any fashion, with anybody. Doing so would make you ineligible for future CP purchases until restitution had been made.

What can I do to get "my favorite publisher's" songs available in ChoirPrompt?
Be assured every effort is being made to enlist more publishers each week. Even so, it might be helpful if you made your favorite publisher aware that you'd like to see their music available in the ChoirPrompt​ format. To make sure CP has contacted "your publisher," please email bobmorrison@choirprompt.com and let us know what publisher you're interested in. 

F.A.Q. & Price List

1) Short/Simple Anthem: $25-$35
2) Medium Length/Complexity: $35-$45
3) Long/Complex Anthem: $45-$55

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